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You Need the Parts, We Get the Parts

CHZ Cycling has earned the recognition of many brands over the years of its existence. The success CHZ Cycling was not achieved within a day but developed over many years of hard work, tears and sweat. It all started with one man’s passion for assembling bicycle components. 
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We Source The World For You

We are a one-stop place for you to get all the bicycle components that you or your customers request, even those that are hard to procure. Our wide range of connections with suppliers and manufacturers round the world has made us capable of getting all the bicycle components and parts you need. You will never have to go through the hassle of having to contact different suppliers to get what you need. 

Having been in the industry for years, we have gained lots of experience and insights into the bicycle components industry. We are also the official distributor for major bicycle brands - Pirelli, RacingBros, Goodyear, Joe’s No-Flats, Full Speed Ahead and Vision.


Together, We can Contribute to the Cycling Community

We are always on the lookout for long-term partnerships. Joining us as a partner will open your door to a world of opportunities to further enhance your business. Interested in joining us as a partner?

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